A kitchen renovation in the West Island

A gathering place par excellence for sharing meals, the kitchen is one of the rooms of the house that has the greatest importance for its occupants. If you find your kitchen outdated and not functional, Dynamex Construction Group offers a kitchen renovation service in the West Island, Montérégie and the North Shore. You could get a more functional, more aesthetic and more up to date kitchen that will highlight your property. Learn more.

With a complete renovation,
give new life to your kitchen

By using our kitchen renovation service in the West Island, your project will be taken over from start to finish by our team. From planning your needs to finishing your kitchen and managing projects, you can rest easy throughout our work.

When planning your kitchen renovation in the West Island, you will choose with our team and our designers the following items for your kitchen:

rénovation cuisine West Island
No element of your kitchen will be left to chance. With 3D plans of your project, you can easily visualize your future kitchen regardless of its style (white kitchen, classic kitchen, contemporary kitchen, industrial kitchen, etc.). Together with our interior designers, you’ll benefit from invaluable tips for a successful West Island kitchen renovation.

Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen shelves

Kitchen counters


Floor covering

Wall covering




With a meticulous company,
guarantee the success of your renovation

Expert in residential renovation and a member of the RBQ, our company specializes in West Island kitchen renovation and bathroom renovation in the West Island.

Whether you have a spacious kitchen or a small area, Dynamex Construction Group is able to optimize your space by working with precision the layout of all elements of your kitchen. In addition, we select with you quality materials that create a beautiful harmony in your kitchen.

rénovation de cuisine
rénovation cuisine Montérégie
Dynamex Construction Group carries out kitchen renovations in the West Island that will surprise you. You can browse our achievements. Careful and respectful of your environment, our team will always be attentive to the smallest details.

In addition, all our work is guaranteed for 5 years.

Although we operate mainly in the West of Montreal, we are also general contractors in Montérégie and on the North Shore.

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