Our residential renovation service in Montérégie, in West Montreal and on the North Shore

For several years, Dynamex Construction Group has been specializing in residential renovations in Montérégie, the West Island and the North Shore. Careful, respectful of your environment and experienced, our team carries out all your home improvement projects in Montérégie, turnkey and tailor-made. We create functional, aesthetic and sustainable living spaces. Learn more.

Kitchen renovation

Specialist in kitchen renovations in the West Island, Dynamex Construction Group is transforming your room from A to Z, from kitchen counters to floor and wall coverings to appliances. You benefit from a turnkey service.

Our residential renovations in Montérégie, the West Island and the North Shore are always done according to your needs, your style and your budget so that you get a kitchen to your image.

Dynamex Construction Group also ensures that you visualize your project using 3D plans. Get a kitchen that looks more spacious, more equipped and more harmonious with Dynamex Construction Group.

rénovation résidentielle Montérégie
rénovation de salle de bain

Bathroom renovation

Like kitchens, Dynamex Construction Group regularly carries out bathroom renovations in the West Island. The bathrooms, being often not very spacious, are rarely put in value. With our residential renovations in Montérégie, we give new life to your room by optimizing the space, while increasing its functionality.

From the toilet area to the sink, shower or bathtub, nothing is left to chance during your home renovation. Your project is worked in collaboration with our interior designers who will present you 3D plans of your bathroom.

Thus, we transform your bathroom into a room more spacious, more functional and more aesthetic.

finition du sous-sol

Basement finishing

If you have decided to create a basement in your home, this is a great idea to increase the value of your property. Dynamex Construction Group offers a basement finishing service.

You can choose from a wide range of furnishing options (bedroom, living room, games room, bathroom, gym, office, home theater, etc.) to increase your comfort within your property. With Dynamex Construction Group, you collaborate with a professional and meticulous company that will take care of your flooring, your ceiling, your insulation, your lighting, etc. We finish in beauty your basement project.

rénovation de plancher


During your residential renovation in Montérégie, floors are important to enhance your living spaces. Ceramic, hardwood, floating, vinyl or laminate, your floor gives style to your home.

In addition to offering you a wide choice of flooring, Dynamex Construction Group offers a wide choice of colors and textures that will adapt to the style you want to give to your room.

Beautify your residential renovation in Montérégie with beautiful floors.

remplacement de portes et fenêtres

Doors and windows

Visible from the inside as well as the outside, your doors and windows must also be carefully selected to enhance your residential renovation in Montérégie.

With the extreme temperatures of Quebec, it is necessary to install doors and windows with strong insulating properties. In addition, their design must be in harmony with the interior of your living spaces, but also with your exterior cladding.

You can count on a quality and customized installation of your doors and windows by Dynamex Construction Group.

rénovation peinture

The painting

Whether it’s your kitchen, your bathroom, your living room or your bedroom, Dynamex Construction Group offers a painting service for your residential renovation in Montérégie and in the West of Montreal.

With the best paints for all surfaces and multiple colors, we are able to perform interior painting work of superior quality, without any defects.

With a few brush strokes, your renovation will be more than successful. Create amazing color contrasts or create perfect harmonies in your living spaces.


When you want to hire a general contractor during a residential renovation in Montérégie, this is the perfect opportunity to strengthen the insulation of your property.

Indeed, insulation is important to reduce the circulation of cold and hot air between the outside and the inside of your home. In addition, good insulation will save you a lot of energy, which in the long run will reduce your heating and cooling bills.

Dynamex Construction Group reinforces your insulation and at the same time, your waterproofness!

isolation Montérégie
aménagement extérieur

The exterior design

If you have an outdoor space on your property, Dynamex Construction Group also offers an exterior design service.

As soon as the good weather arrives, you can enjoy it with the installation of a terrace or a patio. Ideal to relax or to entertain friends, our outdoor layout will extend and complete your interior renovation project.

By properly planning your project with our team, you can mix creativity and aesthetics in your field, while making your exterior functional.

Increase the value of your property with an exterior layout.

design d'intérieur

interior design

To achieve beautiful living spaces, interior design plays a crucial part. With our interior designers, you can visually plan all your home renovation projects in Montérégie and the West Island.

Dynamex Construction Group is able to provide you with 3D plans of your project for the most adequate planning.

From the layout of your furniture to the color scheme of your flooring, with our interior design service, nothing is left to chance.

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